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We at Dale Muti & Associate are committed to provide you with quality service. We are Certified Interpreter/Translator since 1991 translating documents and audio tapes; interpretation for law firms, provincial courts, Court of Queen’s Bench, Crown Prosecutors, Calgary City Police, R.C.M.P., Insurance companies and schools.

We are Certified Immigration Consultant since 1985 providing successful counsel in appeal hearings at Immigration Refugee Board and refugee status claim hearings; business & entrepreneur immigration and other aspects of immigration.

We provide you with expert and skilled presentation of the defence case in court as we are specialists in traffic and accident cases. You, our client, do not necessarily have to appear in court we have the ability to identify points of defence in the case. We do expert defence preparation for the defence of the charge.

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Dale Muti, traffic ticket defence attorney

B.Sc., LLB (Hons), RCIC
Not a Practicing Lawyer

Dale Muti
He has been serving Calgary Northeast community as Immigration Consultant since 1985, certified Interpreter and Translor for over 25 years. Also, designated as Canadian Certified Immigration Consultant (CCIC) since inception of the Society.

We are also memeber(s) of Canadian Bar Association, Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Association of Translators and Interpretors of Alberta, and The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).