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We at Dale Muti & Associate are committed to provide you with quality service while we represent you for Paralegal matters including:
Small claims; Worker compensation; Auto accident claims;
Canada disability pension; Power of attorney; wills; Driving without insurance;
Insurance claims; Traffic violations matters; Uncontested divorces;
Affidavits; Canada Revenue income tax returns; And    
Preparation of documents such as Affidavits, Declarations to invite relatives and friends to visit in Canada, Power of Attorney to take effect overseas and much more…

We at Dale Muti & Associates can represent you in those matters. Do you have what it takes to act as an effective advocate for someone who is facing charges under the Highway Traffic Act, needs to appeal inadequate compensation for a work-related claim or is mired in a landlord-tenant dispute?

We at Dale Muti & Associates as Paralegals in Alberta work on specific projects in a paralegal capacity and, acting as agents, represent the best interests of their clients in various judicial matters for individuals and small business clients by providing a comparable but more economical service than some lawyers can provide.

Many times lawyers cannot justify the expense of representing some clients in the Small Claims Court of Alberta or at the Landlord and Tenant Board or at the Unemployment Insurance benefits dispute hearings. Dale Muti & Associates can accommodate these clients with knowledgeable and professional representation.

We are not LAWYERS, BARRISTER or SOLICITORS but act solely as AGENT
within the meaning of the PROVINCIAL OFFENCES ACT OF ALBERTA.


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